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MTECH is a Germany-based company, which has experience in the field of advanced technological solutions, both in Research & Development and in the implementation of these solutions.


The company, whose registered trademark is MTECH, was established in Germany under the name of MTECH MANN (formerly Mannesmann) Investition und Technologien GmbH.


MTECH, which has subsidiaries in various countries, has patents containing advanced technological products.


MTECH, which has companies in various countries, also has partnerships depend on projects and investments in the international arena.







Moving from the value of the interdisciplinary relationship, MTECH's priority is not established and conventional solutions, including reverse engineering, but advanced technological solutions. For this reason, it does not find it right to waste resources under the name of R&D work, which means repeating the existing ones or repeating the studies whose R&D has been completed in the world.


This basic principle of MTECH brings with it hard and intense work, and MTECH chooses its solution partners, people and organizations to cooperate on this basis and acts selectively.


It has collaborations with Technology Universities, Research Centers and researchers and scientists specialized in their fields on this basis.


Technological solutions and productions related to these solutions by maximizing efficiency, which will cover almost all sectors from the medical field to the industrial field and green energy, are the main activity of MTECH.


MTECH's AlkaloIds and CannabIs Projects




MTECH, which is sensitive to human health and natural products, continues its studies especially on the neuropathic consequences of addiction and on preventive medical solutions.


In this context, it continues to work on alkaloids with the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) in Turkey, and on cannabis with the companies it cooperates with in Canada and Switzerland.


SARTECH Alkaloid Pharma Industry and Trade Inc., owned by MTECH, is the operating company in these areas.

MTECH, which prepared the renovation project of the Afyon Alkaloids Factory (AAF), the world's largest alkaloid factory, also works on both alkaloids and cannabis extraction related to the Supercritical CO2 Extraction Technology.